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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Here it is again Memorial Day 2011.  While much of America takes a holiday, many of the soldiers all over the world are working.  They are still separated from their loved ones, and they possibly won't make it home again.

I have a deep appreciation for all those that have given their lives to protect our nation.  They have given the ultimate sacrifice. 

My heart goes out the the family members who have lost loved ones, also to the soldier's left standing.

Statue of Liberty

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Whiskeytown Lake, Oak Bottom Water Ditch Trail.

This weekend is going to be a great one for hiking and getting outdoors.  We went for a hike last weekend out at Whiskeytown lake and it was quite warm.  The trail we chose was a beginning level trail, mostly shady and very pleasant overall.

Whiskeytown lake is full up to the shore with water, as well as other lakes in northern California.  Lot's of rain and snow this year, and late in the season. This is going to be an excellent year to enjoy our rivers, creeks and lakes for sure.  

Oak Bottom Water Ditch Trail was originally a  canal system that provided water to the mining operations in Clear creek.  The Water Ditch Trail, meanders, along the lake and also highway 299 west towards Clear creek.  The trail is well shaded, and right on the lake for the most part.  We did not hike the whole trail, it is 2.75 miles one way.

Beautiful day on Whiskeytown lake in Shasta county.

Portion of the Oak Bottom Water Ditch Trail.
We found these quaint man made steps from stone and cement.

A dead tree in the sea green colored part of the lake.


Lots of wild flowers in the spring at Whiskeytown lake.

Here is a link to the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area website.  There you can view information about the different trails and more.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lady bug on the Trinity River

Who doesn't like lady bugs?  :-)

Lady bug on the Trinity river.

These lady bugs I found just in one day walking along a trail on the Trinity river.  

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Historic Tower House District near French Gulch off Highway 299

Historically, this was known as a stop over for people heading east and west via the old 299 route.  An old neighbor once told my dad, that hat he used to stop for a bed, meal and shower, all for only $3.00.  The man used to run sheep from Cottonwood to Hayfork back in the early 1900's.  I imagine that back then  it took days to travel that distance with sheep and no automobiles.

Also this was land of the Wintu native Americans.  It is a beautiful little valley where two creeks converge.  There are open pastures, and mountains on all sides, and lots of trees.  

view of highway 299

This is the view (the photo to the right) as you are standing in front of the house.  Beyond the fence is highway 299 and also a creek, there are two creeks which converge on this historic location.  That is part of the attraction of this little park.  It also has picnic tables, a walking bridge or two, and you can continue hiking back to the historic mining areas.  
Walking bridge.

This photograph is of the walking bridge.  The views are spectacular in all directions here.

As you cross the  creek and head back towards where the direction of the old mines are, you can see a barn and another house is to the left of it. 

old rock oven and stove

This is a beautiful little valley with two creeks, and mountains protecting the sides.  It's no wonder the native Americans lived here.

Information about the toll bridge.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dandelions in the setting sun.

dandelions, trinity river.

dandelions in the sun.

Apparently dandelions are not what you want on your lawn, but they can be quite pretty. :-)  I hear they are quite healthy to eat.  Fresh dandelion salad anyone?

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lilacs on the Trinity river, in Trinity county.

Blooming lilacs and the willow tree in April.

Nature makes the best colors, lilacs are proof.

Lilacs in Trinity county on the Trinity river.
Ahhhh.... Lilacs, so beautiful, and fragrant.  These lavender lilacs are so pretty, and are blooming right now.  Such a brilliant color and just wonderful to look at.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

A tulip to celebrate the month May.

Red tulip under a tree.

I have to update this post because I found out the real story behind the fir tree.  My dad was driving up a hill in Weaverville, Rasmussen hill, and this fir tree, slid in front of his truck off a hill.  Just this small tree, and underneath a pile of red dirt.  Working for Caltran's at the time, he put the tree in the truck and continued on with his day.  Apparently, he forgot the tree was in the back of the truck at Caltrans.  When he returned to work, he realized he had forgotten about the fir tree, and then ran it home, and planted. 

So the tree was actually planted in mid 1970's, so it's a bit older than I had estimated before.  I guess they were not  thinking how large the tree would grow.  The tree now completely overshadows the tulip along with the trail that the tulip is planted near.  We had to change the path of the trail because the tree got so big.  I glanced over at the tree yesterday and saw some red under the tree.  So I ventured closer and low and behold, my favorite flower, a single tulip.

Single tulip under the tree.

Love this red tulip shot with the tree branches and moss.
For this shot I was also under the tree and camera held low.

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